The reasons you should date Ukrainian and Russian women

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Everyone knows the words from famous Russian women song that: “Due to the statistics there are only nine guys for ten girls”. But in many European countries, USA, Canada, Australia the situation is completely different. Ukraine and Russia feel the lack of men, but Europe and the USA – lack of women. For example, in Italy at the guys are not allowed without the girls on the prestigious disco, otherwise only guys will come to the party.

It is hard to believe, isn’t it? Also, when foreigners come to Russia or Ukraine, at first cannot understand where all the men are. Only after explaining that in the age of 30, for one free man there are six unmarried women (excluding those men who are in prison, are registered in the various dispensaries), they start to believe their luck.

So the first motivation reason why foreigners should date Slavic women  is the demographic situation. And even in a small European town there is a couple where the wife is from Russia or Ukraine. At the same time the lady is beautiful, smart, for which the family, husband, children are the most important components of the life.


There is some information what foreign men say about advantages of  Slavic women.

Robert, Canada, 35 years old“I heard a lot about the fact that Russian women love and appreciate their husbands, their children. We have many women focus primarily on consumption, they’re looking for a man richer, but it is selfish and demanding. I cannot say that this is the behavior of each woman, because I do not want to be rude. But the same complaint to selfishness, unfaithfulness, I heard from the Russian women about men. I think this is due to the fact that our women are spoiled, because they can choose and change partners often. I am ready to give my wife anything – there are 12 rooms in my house, my wife may not work if she do not want to, we will travel together. But I really need love and support. I would like to quietly leave on a business trip, and not be afraid that she will cheat on me with a neighbor, simply because she is bored. Here are my reasons why I choose Russian woman.”

Donald, United States, 61 years old: “I am a widower. Recently new neighbors have moved on our street, a married couple, they are about fifty. Both are very nice, and I immediately noticed that they carefully and respectfully treat each other. Lyudmila was from Kiev, they have been married for ten years. She likes the United States, she spoke about how difficult it was to find a man at home, and that single women have outnumbered men. So I also have decided to find a wife in Ukraine. ”

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Marco, Italy, 42 years: “Of course, the beauty of Russian women. Style. Smile. It seems that they are very unapproachable. But I work in a tourist area, I have my own hotel, and I know that in fact the meet Russian and Ukrainian girls are cute and sociable. That’s why I have decided to use this marriage agency.  Many ask me why I prefer the service of marriage agency instead of meeting with girls at work. The answer is very simple – at work, I am a strict boss, besides, I would like to see the girl initially wanted a serious relationship, not easy holiday romance. I am very loyal and faithful, and I’m afraid for my heart – it is easy to break. ”

These are the main reasons why foreigners prefer dating and getting married with Slavic women. We hope that this information has helped you to make up your decision and start searching for beautiful and romantic Slavic wife.

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