Russian brides, sweet naures or gold diggers.

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It is an old but well known story that Russian women who are leaving abroad in order to find a husband, are women who are chasing rich husbands, this kind of opinion comes from people of two categories, the first category are the Russian men who are upset with the fact that those women didn’t choose them, and the second category is¬† built of women who are envy with the women who were able to get successfully married abroad and lead a great lifestyle, this category of women thinks that for some reason has the right to judge other people and to doubt in the actions of those women, usually when the second category of people is trying to show their opinion off while writing various reviews, they show not only lack of culture, but also lack of intelligence. And the meaner their reviews, and “opinions” are the better can be noticed the fact that they would gladly done the same thing, but for some reason they never were lucky enough. This way we come to the conclusion that the reason of writing such negative articles is the simple feeling of being envy on the fact that someone has something you want but don’t have. Let’s at least try to be honest here and admit that deep down in the soul each woman dreams about becoming happy and getting married to a rich man.