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Sometimes it happens that you feel bored having sex with the same partner. It’s not surprising when you begin to look for a new partner if you want some new sensation. It’s a well-known fact that sexual relationship is important for your health and life in general, it makes your life exciting and bright!

5 myths about sex

Any woman is confident that she knows almost everything about sex. But in practice it turns out that some of our beliefs are, alas, only a myth.

Myth number 1. The bigger nose, the bigger dick

In order to estimate the size of a cock, you have to look at his nose (or at his thumb, or the size of his feet.) Alas, German physiologists disappoint us – no such connection was found. Recall, incidentally, that this approach, in principle, is wrong. Even if it were true – there is no special sense to know the size of a dick in a static condition. The whole thing is erection – the bigger the original “size” of dick, the less it increases in size during the erection and vice versa.

Stripper’s Arithmetics: strip by 40%

Once gallant cavaliers were beside themselves with delight, if they had a chance to see a graceful feminine ankle flashing under her skirt. Today, the scientists are fighting hard to figure out how many clothes should be on a woman.

A group of researchers from the University of Leeds, UK was seriously interested in the question of how a woman should be dressed to attract male attention. Scientists have worked very hard, both day and night – their work was based on the observations made in one of the nightclubs.

20 most ridiculous laws about sex

It is hard to say what lies in the basis of the fact that some things are prohibited or allowed – we can only read, wonder, and be jealous occasionally.

1. In Cleveland (USA), women are forbidden from wearing patent leather shoes, lest men see reflections of their underwear.
2. In China, you can not look at naked female legs – violators will face imprisonment.
3. In the city of Alexandria (Minnesota, USA) husband smelling of garlic, onions or sardines on his breath is not allowed to have sex with his wife. If he wants to have sex, first he has to brush his teeth.

Love-hotels in Japan

The people of this country prefer to speak little about the peculiarities of their sex life, but that does not mean that they don’t have it. And this is the case when a picture paints a thousand words.

When, in 1958, Japan officially banned prostitution, the era of love-hotels flourishing began, which have become an alternative to the brothels. Unlike traditional hotels, here, for obvious reasons, the main subject of furnishing – is a double bed, which usually has a built-in light management system, radio and TV (usually with channels showing movies exclusively for adults). Luxury baths are particularly noteworthy, for example, with a built-in Jacuzzi. Today, there is a karaoke, video games and mini-bars in the love-hotel rooms (in addition to sex-toys for an additional fee).

Fundamentals of female sexuality

We asked the expert about how to attract men, how to reveal sexual potential, whether sex appeal can harm friendship.
A famous psychologist Annette Orlova shares her thoughts on female sexuality with us.

Male passion stimulants

Each man has his own most sexy female image and preferred sexual scenario. However, the studies have shown, like it or not, that male sexuality is awakened “through the eyes”, and therefore the appearance is the most important. There are absolute champions – stressors, stimulants of male passion. First, it is of course the breast – it is almost a passport for a woman. The meaning of “beautiful breasts” is not identical to the concept of “big breasts”, beautiful breasts may be small, but always of a good shape (right bra can help in almost all the cases).