What is the meaning of erotic dreams?

We see them three times less often than men, but they bring some diversity to sexual life, as well as say something about the one who is dreaming.


If you dream that there is not one, but two lovers in your bed, it is likely that in real life you do not have enough freedom, you are under pressure, for example, you have to make up your mind but you don’t want to do that, you do not want to accept something, you have no mental balance or harmony. In addition, it is likely that your men pays far less attention to you than you would like. There are two options to solve the problem – first, learn to say “no”, and second, if you are not going to cheat on him, then use one of the legal ways of obtaining pleasure hormone – serotonin. Get a massage in the spa, walk oftener, grow roses or buy fresh flowers and put them in the house, take the time to dig around on the shelves of a bookstore or take walks in the park, etc.

Time to have sex?

If a man has to wait until a woman agrees to go to bed with him, he will not only take her a real beauty, but he will also have time to appreciate her.

Men would not like women to know that they are almost immediately divide women into two categories: “just for fun” and “worthy”. And if you are in the category of “just for fun”, you can never get out of it.